Student Empowerment company.


Empowering Students

Student Empowerment is a global organisation that delivers information products for university and college students. The company has a range of divisions and sites that cover different aspects of university study. We specialise in the education systems of the the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

Our commitment is to give students better information and guidance than they can find elsewhere. We target key areas of choice and decision making for students and provide practical information and advice. Our content is produced independently and meets strong publishing guidelines governing quality and impartiality.

About the Company

Student Empowerment was launched in 2013 by Dr Andrew Lancaster, an economist with high-level experience advising the Australian Government. The company's approach to informing students is influenced by his knowledge of how to construct decision-making advice.

Although the individual decisions of students seldom appear nationally significant, providing better information for students has the potential to deliver profound benefits. After all, the career and life path of each and every student is shaped by the study choices he or she makes.

All our senior reviewers, analysts and web authors are university graduates with significant work and life experience. Information and guidance delivered by Student Empowerment comes from the collective knowledge of a motivated team of professionals.

Huxley Education

Huxley Education is a division of Student Empowerment which specialises in publishing information about universities. Content includes university reviews, statistical analysis, ratings and rankings. The information gives prospective university students a reliable guide to the best universities and the pros and cons of individual institutions.

Student Cities

Student Cities UK.Student Cities Australia.The Student Cities websites are geographic guides to university study. They profile university cities and rate them as places to live and study. For each city, you can learn about local universities, climate, city life, transport and student accommodation.

University Enterprises

University Enterprises logo.University Enterprises if the commercial outreach division of Student Empowerment. It liaises with education service providers such as universities, colleges and study abroad program administrators. UE provides quotes for the promotion of quality education services on our sites. For more information, see the UE website

Product Development

Student Empowerment's catalogue of information products is constantly growing and we are never short of ideas. The company has created several platform databases that help generate content for each new service. To find out the latest products being developed, you can check out our beta sites section.